Residential Lawn Care

Hire a professional residential lawn care service or do it yourself?

First, consider whether you want to devote your free time to friends, family and hobbies, or to cutting grass and wresting with weeds.  You’re quite likely in favor of leisure time being exactly that – leisure time.

We have the tools, techniques and experience to make your lawn the envy of your neighbors.  You save the time and expense of purchasing, storing and maintaining the tools for the job…and the time it takes to actually do it!

We’ll be happy to come by for a Free Estimate on your residential lawn care.

Most of our work is in Milwaukee County and the eastern half of Waukesha County.  The closer you are to existing work routes, the better your rates.

Residential Lawn Care Services

We offer the following:

Cuts to cleanup and get neglected yards in shape.

Scheduled cuts, as-needed or on a frequency you determine.

Edging Trims to keep your sidewalks open with clean lines.

Tree trimming to prevent pedestrian accidents from low branches and to improve the visibility from your home, and your curb appeal.

Weed and Feed Applications.  We advocate judicious use of fertilizer and herbicides to promote healthy grass and control weeds.  We don’t recommend overdoing it.  Some services will sell anything.  Not us.  For example, there is absolutely no point in using pesticides over your entire lawn.  Healthy lawns are filled with bugs and microbes…they are the signs your grass and soil are, indeed, healthy.  If you have a particular insect problem, we’ll help you with that specifically.

Seeding   We can seed bare areas.  We can quote watering too.

Raking.  If debris is a serious concern, we’ll work with you.

We use quality fertilizers, both organic and synthetic (inorganic). Traditionally-fed lawns focus on feeding the grass plant directly.  Organic programs focus on feeding the soil organisms and building the soil structure that the grass plant and the soil organisms live in, which in turn feeds the grass plant.   Slow-release or controlled-release nitrogen fertilizers are suggested for most application periods using traditional products. These are available in both dry and liquid forms.  Liquids can be slow-release.

Regardless of what type of work you are considering having done, you’ll find us responsive to your requests and needs.  We believe the best way to sell is to make it easy for you to buy.  The best way to grow is to keep customers happy.

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